View: Louisville Waterfront


Hometown Tourism 

I don’t know about you, but it’s rare that I play tourist in my own hometown. As such, the only occasions I have found myself at the Waterfront have been event based…you know…Forecastle, Thunder Over Louisville and Paddle for Hunger. I figured it was time I got to know my city a little better.

The Louisville Waterfront is something truly special that most cities aren’t fortunate to have. We often take it for granted or pass it off as just a ‘dirty river’ rather than embrace our assets.

In my time living on the East Coast, I always felt there was a missed opportunity along the waterfronts. They are littered with industrial remnants of a different time that I can only imagine is hard to overcome. Since moving to Louisville, I’ve been impressed by the amount of effort that has gone into building up the Waterfront. You can walk or pedal for miles along the river, or just find a bench to relax on. There’s even an amazing water feature that you “aren’t supposed to swim in” that everyone disregards. (In fairness, it does look like a pool. I was tempted to dip my feet in). I wish there were more boating activities, but then again, you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right?!

  • Website:
  • Location: I parked at Witherspoon and Preston in the lot under the underpass. You can enter 135 River Rd, Louisville, KY into your GPS.
  • Where I Walked: From the lot I walked West. I stopped at the The Flock of Finns (a colorful gathering of 28 fanciful metal bird sculptures based on original artworks by Louisville folk artist Marvin Finn), the Great Lawn, Overlook, Gracehopper Statue, Dancing Waters Water Feature, Festival Plaza, the Wharf and lastly the Belle of Louisville.

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